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This is an Electric vehicle (EV) which is having its own self charging system with supporting from wind power and kinetic energy

1) Dimensions (L*W*H): 2,608*1,515*1,526

2) Drive type: Rear wheel drive

3) Wheelbase: 1,800mm

4) Steering system: Rack and pinion steering gear

5) Wheel type (Front/Rear): 155-80R1277T/155-80R1277T

6) Mi.ground clearence: 200mm

7) Parking brake: Hand/rear-wheel brake

8) Net weight: 600kg

9) Battery type: Trojan Gel batteries and lead-acid maintanance free battery

10) Power: 5KW/48VDC

11) Weight of battery: 160Kg

12) Electric system: 12VDC

13) Battery life: Recharging for 500<times

14) Charger: 48V,25A

15) Controller: 48V

16) Battery: 12V/93Ah*4 gel and 12/65Ah*2 lead-acid

17) Max. climbing capability: 30 degrees

18) Max. turning diameter: 4.6m

19) Max. speed: 70 < km/h

20) Braking distance: within 6m

21) Running distance: 120<Km

22) Charging time: within 3<h

23) Speed control: pedal control / automatic